I saw that Adele was trending on the news cycle today, so I clicked and… realised I hadn’t looked at Adele for a while.

I like some of her music and she has an incredible voice, phenomenally talented but…not my choice to listen to.

I don’t know what to say about how she looks.

Am I supposed to say she looks “great”?

What does that say about what she looked like before?

She is beautiful. Is it bad that for me aesthetically, she looks more beautiful now?

It suits her face.

I am not going to pretend this is about health.

Size and Health are related BUT NOT TIED TOGETHER.

I know thin people who are NOT healthy.

I know muscular people with high cholesterol.

[I also feel Nigella Lawson -who I think is one of the most divine Women EVER- looks better with weight, but beauty is beauty.
For me beauty is not about size, not about skin colour.]

People who looked to Adele for representation… does this (her weight loss) feel like… incentive or betrayal?

That headline; “transformation”.

I don’t get the mixed messages.

Well actually I do. It’s all about getting people to spend. The more “diverse” the salespeople, sorry, Influencers and the current trending box tickers… the bigger the influenced aka the spender pool.

On one hand we are embracing all bodies.

Body positivity! Self love! Diversity! Normalise don’t compromise!

…and then Adele… Chrissie Swan (Aus personality, also trending today talking about her weight loss)… Celeste Barber… Rebel Wilson… all vocal about bigger body positivity when it served their purpose.

Maybe they meant it, after all they got famous while they were bigger

… it is only a matter of time before Lizzo drops her weight.

That is all just PR.

Like them skinny ones who get naked and then become megastars, Lizzo’s body got her famous so that her talent can be heard and seen.

NEXT MOVE. Lizzo does the talk show circuit after some time out of the spotlight because she was exhausted etc, apologises for her bad behaviour but she has rethought her life and that’s how the weight dropped.

If I was the cynical type (my PR senses are tingling) I would think that this was a way to get out of the public eye to do an Adele.

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