New York Overtakes New Delhi To Have Worst Air Quality Index

…so now that NEW YORK is being affected (terrible fires in Canada )……. the people who say nothing is wrong with the world may be suffocating…?
Something might get done…?

FACT: People only kick up a fuss about an issue when they get personally affected.

[Eg… and I am citing examples I have personally experienced:

  • Mandatory vaccinations – but up till then majority didn’t give a sh*t about THE LACK OF AUTONOMY humans actually have, especially WOMEN.
  • Diversity on runways – even though what is being presented as “diversity” is mediocrity masquerading as “population representation”.

I know many who preferred the societal standard back when they fit the societal standard… and now they want CREATIVE and VISUAL STANDARDS to fit THEM… Standards which are controlled varaiables (which we have been sold as “algorithms”). EVERY person and EVERY community needs and is supposed to be represented fairly and with EQUALITY …BUT… the people who control the variables are still picking who gets to be seen… the loudest gets picked.

Not necessarily the best.

Also… People who now feel “marginalised” (hahaha ) are now retaliating… oh? Why?

Is something wrong with being marginalised?

Article @ BQ Prime

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