Alan Joyce - The GOAT

September 30, 2023

THIS is what people don’t (want to) realise… in that world that is their world, he is a MEGA SUCCESS story.

He makes money for the moneypeople. He is ruthless and is unafraid of being hated. Your comfort is not his concern. Everyone hates him and everyones keeps swearing that “…last time I ever fly this bloody airline@&#%@” year after year after year.

Somehow Qantas made a profit.

So what if it was at the expense of the employees, you know, people?

Also, and I say this with NO ADMIRATION, he does what he does on his own terms.

Because what he does is societal genocide. So he can do whatever he wants.

Those of us who give a f*ck, compromise ourselves NOT OUR INTEGRITY, just our emotions, for the bigger picture.

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