IndoFijian Jewels:
“I very rarely do <inspired by> shoots but we all get mood-influenced by other people’s heartwork.
This shoot was ‘inspired’ by late great photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta, specifically a 2007 shoot he did with his muse, Indian supermodel Lakshmi Menon and that i have wanted to do a variation of ever since.
Stark opulence, I don’t create lavish sets. I prefer using colours and light to set the scene.
Vivid, complementing hues on a canvas so richly pigmented, it reflects light and glows.” – Sandhya 
Jewelry: AZA Design Studio (Fiji)
Model: Sharon Mani (link to Sharon’s spotlight)
Photographer: Sandhya Nand
Location: Suva, Fiji.
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