I have just read a news article that says Trump is leading the poll [link here].
I wasn’t shocked but I hope it’s a wake-up JOLT for that fractured states country’s people.
Two old white males in this ‘race’, if the lesser evil gets picked there’s still hope. If not… ALL PEOPLE OF MULTICULTURE should leave* the FSA [fractured States of America**]
I have had this article bookmarked since I read it in 2010.
“…in 2008, the U.S. National Intelligence Council admitted for the first time that America’s global power was indeed on a declining trajectory.
In one of its periodic futuristic reports, Global Trends 2025 [TWENTY TWENTY-FIVE], the Council cited “the transfer of global wealth and economic power now under way, roughly from West to East” and “without precedent in modern history,” as the primary factor in the decline of the “United States’ relative strength — even in the military realm.”
“….Under current projections, the United States will find itself in second place behind China (already the world’s second largest economy) in economic output around 2026, and behind India by 2050.
Similarly, Chinese innovation is on a trajectory toward world leadership in applied science and military technology sometime between 2020 and 2030, just as America’s current supply of brilliant scientists and engineers retires, without adequate replacement by an ill-educated younger generation.
By 2020, according to current plans, the Pentagon will throw a military Hail Mary pass for a dying empire.
It will launch a lethal triple canopy of advanced aerospace robotics that represents Washington’s last best hope of retaining global power despite its waning economic influence.
By that year, however, China’s global network of communications satellites, backed by the world’s most powerful supercomputers, will also be fully operational, providing Beijing with an independent platform for the weaponization of space and a powerful communications system for missile-or cyber-strikes into every quadrant of the globe.”
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