I haven’t seen the movie.

I WILL be seeing the movie. I want to add to their record breaking achievements.

I have read all the critiques, some professional.

Valid points for and against.

Euro template feminists (of all skin tone deafness) want to scratch their eyeballs out.

Hating Barbie is perhaps what unites them.

Eurowhite feminism* is based on pitting women against each other.

Celeste Barber (hilarious as she is) got rich off it.

*NOT saying it isn’t about saving Women but it’s selective saving.

Those adult boys who probably wanted to do Barbie (and Robbie)… well THAT is their problem… they can’t do the doll so they hate the Women.

Pretty sure the movie is saturated in earnestness that threatens to teeter into saviourism, I will roll my eyes a little here and there I know but otherwise I am here for it, if not to see then at least support.

I/we/you may not like [whatever your gripe is] BUT… It’s not about the doll.

I loved Barbies back when I was a girl and then as I grew I became my own Barbie and knew I can be anything I want.

My Barbies were Brown, so technically Christies. I didn’t rename them, I knew they weren’t real, now I know playing with Barbies and their fashion contributed a lot to my love of fashion, style and clothing (3 separate things).

We knew which Barbie did what by how she was dressed

…which, sure, seems archaic BUT… th casualisation of society is reflective of what’s happening mentally, collectively.

Anyway. Barbies.

Barbie the original is a Eurowhite Woman doll. Be fine with that.

It is fact.

I used them to enact my imagination because I was a story writer when I was a child.

(Traumatised children make great writers as adults, especially Women)

Disclosure. I love Margot Robbie.

  1. This movie’s campaign was A MASTERPIECE of PUBLIC RELATIONS.

oh to have that budget.

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