Florence Jaukae Kamel

Bilum Meri's Urban-Bilas

FJK is THE Bilum Meri, THE Meri who dared tweak tradition to make it progressive therefore contemporary
…and beneficial to all, especially Women.

Bilum is an ancient method of preserving history… each Bilum is a treasure map of clues to the past. Within the Bilum lies the truth about what Women experience and endure… and despite that, STILL feel joy and beauty and love, all bundled and carried in the Bilum of Resilience.

The Bilum is both beautiful and practical. It can carry everything.

The Bilum is a womb.
Outside of the Land, the Bilum is seen as a “statement”, a badge of worldliness, of patronage of global art
…as an accessory rather than sustainability.
In Papua New Guinea,  body adornment is known as “bilas”, (a Tok Pisin word), it’s not random, it’s not a mood, it’s body adornment to express identity.
Your bilas tells the story of where you are from and your connection to the world.
A Bilum Meri garment is contemporary heartwork based on ancient ways.
Designer: Florence Jaukae Kamel aka Bilum Meri
Model: Kaycee
Photo: Dusk Devi www.duskdevi.com
Location: Laguna Hotel, Port Moresby
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