…but we still love the Wallabies. They’re finally, again playing like they’re worthy of playing at that level
…but FIJI was NEXT level.
FIJI came to play Rugby, not entertain. That famous flair was used to dazzle their opponents, while they unfurled their excellence.
Aka, this time the flair was a disguise.
You could see how shaken up the Wallabies (6th this year under Eddie) captain was.
The Wallabies need to win their next match against Wales to go through
…BUT… for FIJI to go through… Aust will have to lose. Regardless of how DESERVING Fiji is, that is how the pool points work.
Come on Wallabies. Do it for Fiji. Lose. Then you can all go and have an extended holiday in Fiji (I mean, half the team is Fiji origin anyway…).
Besides, I feel, and Duane agreed, that The Wallabies should have boycotted the RWC23 to show solidarity with The Wallaroos.
FIJI didn’t go to France to change everyone else’s mind.
As the captain, Waisea Nayacalevu said they “came to change our [their] mindsets”.
Half the miracle is KNOWING you can do it. When the time and the miracle happens, are you ready to meet it?

Watch the FANalysis now.

Mon Sep 18 2023 THE LIVES OF OUR DAYS The Daily Egg: RWC Fanalysis (with @duaneleewai made scones and tea for high brunch).

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