A letter from the founder.

Compelled by our love for Fiji’s vibrant culture and the growing interest in global fashion trends, we have created a fashion-centric marketing platform to promote Fiji within the United States. FIJI RUNWAY.

Our mission is to showcase our country of birth’s rich heritage and varied culture to tap into an exciting market. FASHION TOURISM.

We describe FIJI RUNWAY as “fashion centric” because our platform isn’t just about fashion and fashion is never just about clothes… fashion is a gateway to an entire country’s hospitality, life and style.

The success of current fashion collaboration tourism campaigns in countries that prioritise Tourism prove this. Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, many more have the numbers to prove it, and fashion has always been a tourist drawcard.

The established fashion events are still considered a significant boost to Tourism for New York, London, Milan and Paris. Indeed in every city a fashion platform thrives, the number of visitors rises.

Platforms that showcase the lifestyle of a country are extremely effective in promoting all that a country has to offer. FASHION TOURISM is an exciting new avenue for countries looking to increase numbers in a number of industries.

FASHION TOURISM for Tourism dependent counties is a rapidly growing market borne out of a need for sustainable choices and a combination of cultural tourism and shopping tourism.
Fashion becomes the creative and cosmopolitan bridge to attract travellers and investors.

FIJI RUNWAY connects the creative and cultural industries, combines culture and hospitality and creates collective brand awareness through a multilayered approach.

Please read on to find out how. Thank you for your time and welcome to FIJI RUNWAY.

Donnalesi Vaubula
Founder – FIJI RUNWAY.

Raw Fiji Photography team on Location

Fiji Fashion Runway 2022 featured six fashion designers, representing the Fiji Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.

In its very successful inaugural year, FIJI RUNWAY was sponsored by FIJI RUM & CO with the generous friendship of TOURISM FIJI and visual association with FIJI WATER.

Come Fly with Us.

Fiji Runway 2023 will be showcasing Fiji’s sartorial and cultural delights again this year, on August 19.
Location to be announced soon.

Buoyed by the success of our inaugural event and having received an overwhelmingly positive response from our attendees, we are excited about making this year’s event bigger, better and more effective.

The world wants sustainability with their leisure. Travel has changed, now travellers want not just experiences, they want authenticity of modern-day life.

Fashion collaborative events are becoming a major competitive advantage for all industries. Think cars, alcohol, technology, financial institutions. For the Tourism Industry, fashion events provide new and extra and, in many ways, better reasons to travel to a destination.


Fashion Tourism can be defined as “the interaction between Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), trade associations, tourism suppliers and host communities, with people travelling to and visiting a particular place for business or leisure to enjoy, experiment, discover, study, trade, communicate about and consume fashion.” – Wikipedia

FIJI RUNWAY is an effective offshore promotional platform that incorporates and highlights two sides of Fiji. Its cultural richness and its commercial creativity… united under the banner of FASHION TOURISM.

FIJI RUNWAY utilises social media to great effect. Last year Our SM campaign created and headed by our Founder experienced a steady and substantial growth rate globally (statistics provided upon request).
FIJI RUNWAY’S reach and engagement is enviable and an asset to sponsors and partners.

In 2022 until now, this reach, engagement, success and media presence has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and definitely people with Fiji on their bucket lists.

FIJI RUNWAY is the glamorous and accessible gateway to FIJI.

Let’s walk together.


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