by Xaura

Xaura’s second collection ‘For The Lovers’ is an ode to history. 

Easy, flowing, flattering silhouettes crafted from handwoven khadi cotton, wonderfully soft, in the prettiest of colours, not too subtle, not too loud
…but what is just right are fabulously practical elements that feature throughout the garments, like pockets (pockets!) in all dresses and invisible, adjustable waists.

If it wasn’t such a cliche, I’d say these dresses make you feel like you should be strolling through a meadow on a balmy, blue sky day, seasonal flowers blooming, birds singing… and no snakes in the tall grass, this is a fantasy after all… but the feeling of peacefulness is real…

It’s the connection to history that is felt through each fibre, threads woven into material printed with a wood-block technique, centuries old. You’re wearing history, for future sustainability.
RADIO FLY MEDIA Host Sandhya Dusk Devi Nand talks with Xaura designer KAVITA PATEL, about her design process, inspirations, purpose and dreams and why XAURA is a cultural historian label.
on RF2: The Interviews.
All garments available at XAURA 
Model: Denver White
Photographer: Sandhya Dusk Devi Nand


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