Golden Dragon Diamond Jubilee

While editing I have been reminiscing about what the music scene was like back when I was a part of it… and the INCREDIBLE music legacy I had stepped into and been accepted by…

Wow. Fiji’s music industry was SOMETHING. It still is a thing (and certainly in a better creative state than that fallacy masquerading as fashion “industry”) but… ‘THE thing’… that IT factor… it has gone.

They dripped IT back then.

I just know of the Legends of the 60s 70s saw the 80s was part of the 90s… but even the 30s 40s 50s were hot in Suva.

(Like the all-Woman band in the 30s led by the iconic Bonita Rounds, Matriarch of the Rounds creative / musical legendary names)

Kuki wrote a wonderful comment on another post about a memory he has of me, when we gigged together almost 30 years ago, at… BIRDLAND!!!!

Remember BIRDLAND?? Not just NY’s but Fiji’s!

(I always hear the opening chords of Weather Report’s ‘Birdland’, I think The Freelancers opened with this…?)

Late 80s / 90s seemed to be a Jazz and Blues era in Fiji.

Just some legends I have the privilege of knowing and photographing… Henry FoonKenneth Janson HoJimi NathuGeorge KnightJoseph Heritage… Tom Mawi… to name a few… including Kuki Nayacakalou and Ben Masirewa

SOME of my images of the GOLDEN DRAGON DIAMOND JUBILEE. March 18th 2023. Hurstville (Sydney, Australia).

More photos can be found here:

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