1. Japan
2. Honolulu Hawai’i
3. California
4. Queenstown NZ
5. Samoa

1.Which was your favourite place you visited.

2. Was the country/city like you expected it to be?
“No, it was better.”

3. What surprised you the most about how people live there?
“How clean it was everywhere we went. How quiet it was on the busy trains and just how lovely the people were.”

4. Were you able to pick up some of the local language?
“Just the general greetings because people would say them to you.”

5. Did you walk around residential areas?
“Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience this. We were always in the city parts.”

6. Did the places you visit remind you of anywhere else?
“The theme parks (Universal studios & Disneyland) reminded me of California “

7. What was the most memorable meal of the trip?
“I love my sweets so the first time I tried Fluffy Soufflé pancakes in Osaka it was the best!”

8. What was the highlight of your trip?
“I’ve been there a few times and the highlight of each trip is creating memories with our children. I love seeing them learn about a new culture and enjoying the experience in a different country.”

9. Would you re-visit anywhere you went? Will you go back to see other parts of the country?
“Disneyland in Tokyo is always a must when we visit but I’d like to venture out to the countryside of Japan. I want to visit some of their wellness retreats and be away from the busy city areas.”

10. Would you ever consider moving there?
“If you asked me this question when I was 20 then yes. I would’ve loved to have experienced living abroad for a year.”

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