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I think I have made it quite clear what I think of the hold the British monarchy has over the world………………… I don’t watch propaganda like the coronation not out of rebelliousness .

I don’t watch it because ohmhygawd how BAWring.

EDITED: this is not a comparison and I am adding this to the original post, after having decided to not write this originally but… why should I hide what is what I would rather do -and did- then watch something that has no relevance to me and annoys my sense of fairness??

My husband and I made love all Saturday night, fully clothed. Talking, cuddling, listening to each other breathe, kissing, watching episodes of classic shows, him sketching, me drawing, just being the best friend possible with each other.

I am certain that is other people’s idea of “bawring” but we all agree that we all want a BEST FRIEND.

THAT ONE PERSON we can just be our “alone me” with. The one that sees beyond that to the “lonely one” inside of all of us. The one person who has our back through all our bullsh*t. TRUST. 100% x infinity

For me that is the Man I fell in love with after falling in best friendship first (without disregarding that he made my heart feel alive for the first time ever, from the moment we met).

For those people in an intimate relationship… I get why 50-75% is enough for many. Lived experience empathy.

For me though I just need one person because I am also all I need… but we are not made to do this alone.

End Edit.

So… I am very happy for Camilla and Charles.

Diana was NEVER the one Charles wanted to be with and their love has really lasted, it’s not about length of time, it’s what they are willing to endure for each other, to give up for each other, be for each other. It’s wonderful deep true love and I am happy for Charles that he got promoted to his industry’s top job with his TRUE MATE by his side.

I feel sorry for Diana, she was just a girl. How awful for them, two lonely people in a corporate partnership, being forced to create heirs… for what? Why?

Why do these people so desperately want to own the world that they give up personal choice and happiness for it? So sad all of it.

I cannot give them enough emotion to say I hate the British institution, they simply do not feature in my view of the world and it annoys me that I am governed by it and that people I like are brainwashed by t all

…but I don’t mind some of the people and I have a such a soft spot for Harry. Watching him walk behind his mother’s coffin put a splinter in my heart

we all carry so many splinters.

I am so happy that at least these two are happy. Hopefully this makes them want to use their privilege to end their privilege.

Article @ ABC.

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