Love Kylie

 I don’t buy her albums, I do enjoy her songs. I will glare intensely at anyone who dares diss Our Kylie
…and I am very happy that she is being rediscovered as if she has re-emerged
…even though she never stopped.
Kylie never stopped being gorgeous. It’s not just her physical beauty, she glows with a saucy goodness.
Love that she has stopped with the face freezing nonsense.
The anti ageing attitude has got to stop.
Ageing is a privilege because we are born to serve/fulfill a purpose and then we wait to… re enter the cycle of life, we’re meant to do this peacefully 😥
For some, say in war ridden countries, ageing is a luxury… and FOR ALL… an inevitable FACT of LIFE.
HOW you LOOK as you age, depends on how you think/thought when you were younger.
Happy to expand on that, I do on The Lives of Our Days in many episodes.
[How you look at yourself as you age, depends on your environment and conditioning.
Both are flexible, the former can be changed, the latter is a layered, increasingly less good choices as options…choice.
Eg. When you are oppressed, yes you still have choice, but they’re all sh*t.
Do you keep a lighter, joyful soul while a slave in chains, physical or metaphorical?
Or do you give in, and choose complacency for a ‘better’… “free-er” life?
I have digressed.
Same same though.
I don’t quite understand the fear of looking old because THAT is what the issue is. Especially now.
It’s not so much about the longevity of the body as it is about the ‘young-ness’ of the physicality.
How weird.
It’s self-colonisation.
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