A.I. 2023

THIS is why I am not worried by AI, despite having a career, skills and talent in the direct line of extinction… they’re not going to find much in the majority of people… I’m joking!

…maybe those 5Gesus people etc were on something but they thought… they were.. on TO something……………………. anyway.

Duane and I talk a lot about AI, both of us are directly affected… but… interestingly, we are not worried too much for ourselves in the big picture (right now it’s affecting our industries… but we know that AI was made for non creative people who don’t respect what they can’t do, they just want it done.

The other side of this is… why shouldn’t everyone have access to nice things? Why should people have to pay for nice things?

…why do we work again? To… live? Do we have a… choice?

It was made because people like having others do things for them but urgh, you can’t own others anymore, at least not for free, not without actually paying them… so… let’s make things that do everything we want them to do… for free.

WHY are we SO busy yet SO poor that we need to employ programmed robots to do our work for us? WHY are we not asking why we have to slave to get ahead yet you can’t get ahead if you’re actually slaving so those who can get ahead, slave a bit more so they can slave others.

Duane is a painter and I am a photographer. My skill was supposed to overtake his skill. It didn’t fortunately… but unfortunately there are always consequences.

There would have been so many painters before. So many painters studios. People would have had just your regular painter and then some could afford… Raja Ravi Varma and… were ANY of the white Greats famous before death??

The white Greats were also considered “just painters” once…. because EVERYONE could paint. Everyone was a painter. Only a few were truly talented.

Once used to be truly talented photographers, for innate skill, not learned, then lots and very few talented ones… as there once were many talented amateurs, which evolved and became amateurs with talented devices…. equity became what you had rather than what you give.

Just because we’re not worried doesn’t mean we’re complacent. Nor does it mean we’re sitting back with popcorn and watching a sieve sweep through… we know it is still ‘us’ against ‘them’ and we know that we personally are privileged because we DO have the kinds of brains that AI would want to read… that also means we know how NOT to be read…. anyway… this is a lovely story isn’t it?

Tune in to the next episode of ‘Has Sandhya Gone Nuts or Is She Maybe Making Sense Sorta Kinda Ew What’s Wrong With Her?’.

…but also… yeah… Duane Leewai and I talk about AI in depth and in many episodes of Radio Fly.

Humans have used AI for DECADES…. and we know that AI is a tool and if we use it right… the algorithms can be changed.

Right now AI is not smarter than humans, the things you’re using that you think are perfection… have been around for a while, being perfected for a long time… talking over the airwaves has ‘taught’ the algorithms how we speak.

There’s still time. Why is this farfetched? So unrealistic, it could be the plot of a conspiracy movie.

I actually get the conspiracy theorists.

They ARE on to something. Something isn’t right… but they always go where they shouldn’t. Fear leads them down paths where logic doesn’t tread.

Not everything is a conspiracy yet we’re so paranoid, everything IS… and fear clouds logic. makes you see monsters in shadows.

Article @ Business insider.

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