Dreamcatcher By Hefrani

Popular designer Aisea Konrote launched his label Hefrani’s mid-year collection Saturday may 7th.

The collection called ‘Dreamcatchers’ is inspired by the designer’s own personality. “I am a dreamer with big visions and bigger creations. I ‘catch’ ideas to share for and with others, I push myself to think outside of the box and that way I challenge myself.

Konrote is well known for his elegant evening wear that has dazzled audiences locally and internationally, especially at Sydney based Pacific Runway, the southern hemisphere’s most prestigious fashion platform for Pacific origin creatives, where Hefrani is a star attraction. Konrote is also known for designs that suit women of all shapes and sizes, diversity and accessibility are not trends for him, they are at the core of each collection.

Konrote says, ” my collections are a fashion journey right across the spectrum, colours and sizes are limitless.”

Konrote also says, “All my pieces are designed to be worn in various ways, one garment can be worn in three ways and I incorporate features like elasticised necklines that can be worn daringly off shoulder or demurely high, and ties instead of zips so that many of my garments are one size.”

“Every year I present an independent show, so that I can fully control my creative vision, and convey that vision my way, on the runway.”

Guests were treated to yet another versatile collection, with a “practical application and presentation of sustainability” Konrote says, “for example, offcuts are re-imagined as accessories.”

The Hefrani Dreamcatchers show was held at the Tanoa Plaza Hotel in Suva, who have been very “welcoming and accommodating”. 

Konrote keeps his designs affordable so that they can be accessible.  He believes every BODY has the right to feel special in a Hefrani piece.
“My designs are for every woman, and my designs allow women to decide how they wish to wear any piece. I feel this  way, I am using my talent to help others discover their creativity as well.”

Instagram: @hefrani_official

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Images By Dusk Devi

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