Sera Volavola. MISS EARTH FIJI 2023

SERA VOLAVOLA is an exemplary young Woman. Intelligent, independent, humble, kind, compassionate, cool, witty, fun and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

Sera is also a global-ready top model of Fiji. Cover photo is from a shoot we did for The Stylander magazine, in May 2022. (Featuring the stunning 2021 debut collection from NV, a design duo from Fiji, designed by Vedika Rathod and managed by Nikhat Khan.)

I explain why Sera is one of my Top Models of Fiji, and someone who should be modelling around the world and that means she needs to be in spaces, in places, on platforms where her skills and natural talent for the art of modelling can be seen.

25 year old SERA works as a marketing & sales representative while she studies a degree in Chemistry and Food Technology. Alas the fashion & modelling industry in Fiji is not structured nor a source of income for anyone, a travesty considering the talent there.

Sera is also Miss Earth Fiji 2023, and is supposed to represent Fiji in Vietnam at the Miss Earth 2023 pageant on 22 December 2023.

DISCLOSURE: I am not a fan of pageants BUT I fully support Sera and know why this is important. (please read this article: Bryoni Govendar)

For young Women from “third world / global south” countries, and from “marginalised communities” [please note inverted commas*], pageants are seen as an opportunity to showcase themselves and represent their countries, their people, their families, themselves.

There are many talented people in this world who are ready, and who are the right people to be in positions of representation… but they don’t get those chances because they don’t get the opportunities because opportunities depend on privilege and level of privilege.

Sera Volavola is the kind of person you want representing your country on any platform with a global spotlight, but she needs help getting there. Sera is already a winner because of what she has accomplished herself, now she needs support to achieve success that will represent modern day and cultural Fiji.

 *”marginilised communities” are communities that have been marginalised by the constructs and control.

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