Sera Volavola

24 years old SERA VOLAVOLA is one of the upcoming stars of the Fiji modelling industry.

FS photomagician Dusk Devi said,
‘Sera is a natural, she takes direction exceptionally well and just grows and glows with each click… plus… she is a baby Naomi Campbell!”

Sera is currently doing a BSc in Chemistry and Food Technology and works as a Sales and Marketing Representative.

See her live on the runway at Fiji Fashion Week 2022.
Instagram: @pwincess_vee

Model Q&A

1. When did you start modelling?

I started modelling in the year 2019, I actually had just gone to watch the audition for that year just to see what’s it like in the modelling world in Fiji. I wanted to model so that I could see the art portrayed by designers in the form of clothes.  It was amazing to see how talented they are and then to also be given the chance to wear their clothes was amazing! 

I mean honestly, I can’t afford it so this might also be a chance to yenno have a feel of wearing it! haha Modelling made me feel elegant too.

2. Do you enjoy fashion?  What does fashion mean to you?

I do enjoy fashion a lot, it’s really exciting! Fashion brings out that attitude inside of you. Sometimes you wear some clothes and it makes you feel like a badass, some makes you feel like a lady and even some makes you feel like a boss.
Fashion also plays a huge part in our lives too.

3. In your opinion, what is a model’s job?

A model’s job is to display the clothes and make it look good and marketable. Models carry themselves elegantly in a way that whatever they are wearing looks good.  That’s their job, to make everything a designer makes look good.

4. Who are your favourite models?

My favorite model is Bella Hadid (international) and my local favorite models are Jeryka Prasad, Caroline Gatu and Jorja Naidu  

5. Who are your favourite designers?

All of them … I mean all of their work is so mesmerizing and beautiful and plays its own role in their own unique way.  I can’t choose!

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