Skipper Movement

"Skipper Movement" clean up Saturday May 21 - Vatuwaqa Industrial Area (Udays Industrial Park) Viria East from 6am to 8am.

The Suva Harbour Foundation (SHF) was founded in 2004 to improve the environment of the harbour. 
The SHF aims to highlight harbour environment issues and focus public attention on ways to make improvements.

This Saturday May 21, there will be a “Skipper Movement” clean up at Vatuwaqa Industrial Area (Udays Industrial Park) Viria East from 6am to 8am.

SHF in conjunction with Suva SUPers, Lotu Youth Mission, Fiji Surfing Association and Fiji Outrigger as well as organisations – IUCN, Waste Recyclers, SCC and Mana Coffee work closely together to collect rubbish, as well as separate and compile data.

The data is used to create awareness within communities to initiate change, leading to a cleaner and safer ocean and environment.

The recent passing away of Captain Johnathan Smith (a clean ocean activist) affectionately known as Skipper to his friends and followers, was the catalyst for action.

The Suva Harbour forms a beautiful ocean backdrop to Fiji’s capital city but is becoming increasingly polluted by sewage, solid waste, oils spills, and abandoned ships.”, a spokeperson for SHF said.

A group of Captain Smith’s friends have come together to realise Skippers vision for a better Suva Harbour.  An environment that can be enjoyed and celebrated as a clean, eco-friendly haven for watersports, recreational boating, sustainable fishing and marine tourism, whilst coexisting with the commercial activities of Fiji’s main ocean port.”

The “Skipper Movement” has become a main objective of SHF and they will be organising regular Clean Up Campaigns along the entire Suva Harbour coastal area, from Rats Tail Passage past Lami through to Makuluva Passage.

The next clean up is already being planned for Makuluva Island in June.

In the words of Skipper, “What happens on Land affects the Ocean”.

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