October 5, 2023

“The SOCIAL VALUE of the Opera House is estimated at $11.4 billion in 2023. This is a 38% real increase over the decade in like-for-like terms. 

The social value of the Opera House comprises the value to audiences from attending events and performances, the value Australians place on the existence of the Opera House, and the digital value of the Opera House.

Of course, the Opera House is not just a building, a performance venue or a website – it’s one of the strongest brands in the world, making Australia one of the only countries that is recognisable by an arts and culture centre. In fact, the Opera House is the best-known human-made symbol of Australia’s national identity. 

The Australian Financial Review descrived this as “measuring concepts”.

They agree that the land SOH is on is priceless

…which is why they don’t want to give it back.

Read Article @Deloitte

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