The Museum of Naomi

October 9, 2023

I can’t hate

…even though I am vocal about how damaging it is that someone considered an epitome of “beauty” is now as plastic faced than an actual mannequin. 

NAOMI deserves an exhibition. A museum of fashion and modelling please, NAOMI wing.

I am harsh because I am disappointed because she was always NAOMI to a generation of young women, of which I am one. 

I am a BIG FAN, we are the same age, NOT the same personality and mentality so I never realllllly connected with Naomi… she’s kinda… nasty, which you all love so cool, cool, you like beautiful women to be nasty so it justifies hating them, hmmm…..

I also feel the personality is all fillers, botox and filters but that’s neither here nor there… but does make me wonder about the altruism. The optics. 

If a SUPERmodel has to pretend to look like herself… just to be ‘relevant’…..

For those of you who say/think/feel leave her alone, live and let live… you don’t understand responsibility do you?


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