The Rental Crisis

I had been out of the Aus rental market for close to 20 years… and although re-entry in 2022 was smooth (something that is considered “lucky” in these times), the expected differences were astounding.

Did we not expect Human Beings to want to… live? In shelter?
To have… homes? To be… safe?

Rental agents are too young. They get into it because they want money and they want it easily but few have the empathic traits required for the VERY INTEGRAL, sensitive aspect of life called housing.

There IS a type that is attracted to the surreal estate game.

And they have power.

The industry has always been about the home OWNER. The renter is just the mortgage payer. Then there’s the people who are selling only to foreign buyers who have no intention of living in Aus.

Selling off stolen land… but that’s a bigger story and issue… we still need to confront WHAT are the REASONS for this “crisis”?

Other than the property accumulation, owning, hogging. The planet is a Monopoly Board.

Please be aware that this article is skewed towards investment property owners and that immigration is being cited as the reason for the shortage

…even though OVERSEAS BUYERS OF ALL RACES have contributed greatly, if not caused the rise and fall.

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