Thigh Gap

It is always when it looks like we may hit acceptance [before equality before equity. THAT is the path of progress]… that the societystream changes the course.

They can, they have the upper ground.

We have the majority, in this instance Women with Wombs, we can decide, NO MORE people, NO MORE males. THAT is why they are banning abortion.

Because WOMEN are getting to the point of aborting males. Maybe not in my lifetime and yours but… soon.

(Texas knows this. No, these aren’t imaginative sci-fi musings. I have such clarity, such pinpoint accurate INDUCTIVE- reconstructed by me, taking in my half a century’s worth of experience, learning and knowledge with a new brain -thinking.)

If you really can’t tell that something is DEFINITELY happening on/to this planet… then… I don’t know… I feel sorry for you?

No, no, haven’t flipped, still grounded, still think anti-vaxx people are scared is all (they didn’t care until THEY had to get vaxxed), still know religion is mind control, still know that even though it is proving that humans DO need to be governed*, this is as guidance, done with kindness, benevolence and in service.

Not to rule. To help guide. A lighthouse.

ALL of us should be benefitting from this planet. LOOK at what we have created.

Look at what we have done.

Thigh gap.

For a pattern seeing person like myself… this is not Defense Readiness Condition” aka defcon… this is an OFFcon upgrade in the war on Women.

Even a semi literal one with this. Shaming us into opening our legs, somehow shaming us into believing that what is between our legs (our vulvas) is… bad? like… what?? THAT is where we all came from, even the Caesars… but… inner thighs are “bad” too because they hide, they protect.

We are being shamed into believing our space is not our own. That a gap must exist so that LASERED TO NEWBORN status genitalia can be easily seen.

And seriously… WHO believes this shit?

WHO has all the body issues?

WHO gives others body issues?

Who perpetuates the lies?

Who punish themselves like this?

…because they gave birth to their -and our- oppressors.

Fuck this shit. Women. Close your legs. OPEN YOUR MIND.

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