… U.S on the button

“H*m*s, a militant group that has controlled the densely populated Gaza Strip since 2006, has said the aim of attack was “to free Palestinian prisoners, stop Israeli aggression on al-Aqsa Mosque, and to break the siege on Gaza.”

“Israel THAT SAME DAY declared war on H*m*s. Palestinian officials said that 3,478 people have been killed and more than 12,000 wounded in Gaza, which has been heavily hit with Israeli air and artillery strikes.”

Israel on Oct. 9 imposed a “full siege” of the Gaza Strip, cutting off all electricity, food and fuel to the enclave and worsening the humanitarian crisis there.


FULL SIEGE… SAME DAY… yeahhhhhhhh… finger is ON THE BUTTON.

They were just waiting, the attack by H*m*s was seemingly WELCOMED

…and because I have watched too many (USA propaganda and publicity disguised as) Hollywood movies… this is very suspicious.

If this was a movie… by now Tom Cruise / Sha Rukh Khan / Denzel Washington would have infiltrated enemy camp… only to find out that they were NOT the enemy… that the attack was actually [DUM DUM oh wait that’s Law and Order]…….. executed by the ones who were ‘attacked’.

Good movie huh?

Seen it all before.


“The power imbalance and lack of movement toward peace and Palestinian statehood have kept tensions simmering.

In May 2021, Isra*li attempts to evict families from a Palestinian neighborhood in favor of Jewish Israelis in East Jerusalem led to violent clashes, prompting Hamas to launch rockets at Israeli cities.”


CURIOUS… those of you who are pro Israel because you are Christian… CHEERING the culling of the Indigenous people of Palestine?

Apart from the very disturbing clues this gives about your ‘personality’… um… who do you think persecuted the People of Jewish Faith?

Read story @washingtonpost.

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