Caroline Gatu

Caroline Gatu’s regal face, framed by her lioness mane is a familiar face for fashion watchers.  Fiji Fashion Week’s ambassador in 2021, as well as a runway favourite and favourite face for designer campaigns, the soon to be 25yo (in June) Caroline started modelling in 2016, thanks to her uncles encouragement. 
Cakaudrove born and bred Caroline has a Bachelor in Commerce and is now majoring in Hotel Management.  Her beautiful smile has also welcomed guests onboard the national carrier.
Currently she works in the food and beverage department at exclusive Laucala Island Resort.  When she comes back to the mainland for time off, Caroline says, “I alternate between Lautoka and Suva but in terms of living I prefer Lautoka.” 
Instagram: @msgatu


1. Is what you’re doing what you have always wanted to do?
Hard to say as I don’t have a dream occupation. I do however, have a dream life and that’s what I’m currently working towards and I think this job is the stepping stone for that dream.
2. How did you start modelling? Why did you want to model?
I took part in Miss World Fiji 2016 so the next best thing from there, at that time for me, was to go for FJFW auditions.

I was supposed to attend FJFW auditions in 2016 and I thought it was held at GPH, which turned out to be the venue for MWF. 

3. Do you enjoy fashion?  What does fashion mean to you?
I absolutely love fashion! I love dressing up to look pretty, sexy, elegant, or whatever suits the occasion. 

I love the adrenaline rush during the shows, rushing to get dressed, and being in the spot light. For me I coin my style as “fancy comfort” looking fancy but still very comfortable.

4. In your opinion, what is a model’s job?
They are the brands face at that show, and they move/pose/walk a certain way to bring character/movement/personality to a garment.

We are a vital part of sale so basically you can call us fashion marketers lol.
5. Who are your favourite models?
Locally I love Tera, Remi, Hanisi, Mavis, Ana, Jed; these are just some models I could name off the top of my head. Internationally, I adore Bella, Naomi, Zendaya, Gigi, Adriana, and Kate.
6. Who are your favourite designers?

I love all designers in Fiji, I think all the outfits or styles that they do fits every occasion.

7. Models are like athletes and need to be fit. Posing can be hard work! What do you do to stay fit?
I am blessed with great genes and youth so I don’t really need to do much. There are times when I can be too bloated so I go for walks, do light activities or avoid fast foods and sodas. 

8. What do you do to relax?
I play my favorite cartoon or food shows on YouTube and watch them with snacks close by, I do this until I fall asleep. 

9. Movies or books?  What’s your favourite movie / book?
I wish I could say books but the bookworm in me is non-existent at the moment so movies. I love Mulan, I could watch it everyday it’s my absolute favorite.

10.  Do you have tattoos?  Do they mean anything?  If you don’t have tattoos, would you ever get one?
I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t plan on getting any soon. Firstly, because I’m terrified of needles!  Secondly because I haven’t found any design or anything that I think I’d love on my body.

It’s a big commitment.

11. If you were to describe yourself as a colour, what would it be?

Green. I am constantly growing, renewing my beliefs, perspective; trying to figure myself out. I love the fact that it’s associated with prosperity because that’s one of my goals in life. And it matches my eye color so that’s that.

12. Do you have a motto?
My motto is very simple. Be happy and have a good life. 

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