Who, what, why

Bula, Namaste, G’day…
I am a Creative Director and multi-skilled media creator operating under Dusk Devi Vision.
DDV’s media collaborator Duane Leewai is an Art Director and graphics designer amongst other talents.

The Stylander is a news, views, global fashion and arts publication, created by us.
 THE STYLANDER is a platform of opportunity, education, training and employment, a digital city of beautiful, creative pathways that are commercially and economically viable. 

AI has its place, it is an ‘AI’-d for an evolution, but nothing takes the place of Authentic Intelligence.

Humans know Humans. 
Our advertising is a fresh take on a classic method, our method works regardless of product because it’s not based on consumerism.
It’s based on transparency [media to reader; brand to customer] and choice, not algorithm.

Our mission is to be a Lighthouse of Hope and a Spotlight of Merit.

Please email for an info kit. 

Sandhya Dusk Devi Nand
The Publisher

Ally. Always Was Always Will Be

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