October 9, 2023

I/we don’t use self checkout… well we didn’t, but we have no choice now.

ALL the checkouts are self checkouts at our local supermarket.

We shop at local grocers, butchers and markets as much as we can but we (all) still need to go to the SUPERmarkets.

And do the work for them AND pay them so that they can pay the brands half and pocket half and the brands go and pay their workers half and pocket half and….. no wonder they want the minimum wage to be $0.

I wrote on the friend’s post (where I originally saw this) that I am delighted to see that they would rather wait in line for one item etc

…because people don’t have patience anymore. Nor purpose. Everyone is in a rush, running to and fro, running from… so this is the result.

Next. RoboCheckoutCop


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