“I have been feeling restless, getting the itch to travel, it’s been a while… and that’s my privilege rearing its privileged life.
We lived in Fiji for three months last year and had lived in paradise prior with many staycations in between.  

Before Duane and I became married best friend lovers, I had another life, the one I lived in a fog (but still knew love) and perks and rewards of a commitment to life meant I travelled a lot. Personally and professionally.

Duane pointed out that I am used to travelling… I have been travelling since I was a baby, I lived in many countries by the time I was 18, and 18-28 was spent flying high, career wise and travel wise.
I had to start all over again when I moved to Aus but that’s another volume in the series…
By the way, this was VERY hard to choose because everywhere I go I LOVE (well, okay, there IS an exception) and I have had great and very special experiences everywhere (except for that exception).
Pacific People, “Pasifika” call themselves “great voyagers”, which they are. Bare and oily chested Pacific Island Olympians love trotting that story out to describe why they’re so macho. They all conveniently forget that Indians also voyaged across seas, as legal slaves. But that’s another story.
Being IndoFijian is not something I can help and I would NEVER change it, but it is what made me a traveller.
I feel like I am betraying beloved Fiji by not having it in my Top 5. Fiji is divinely beautiful. Lush, so ripe, so vibrant, so confused. Being born there is what made me a traveller at heart, not just my origin and upbringing.  
My ancestral origins made my cells yearn for vast spaces, I feel integral in vast spaces, like how I felt in an Omani desert, being a big fish in a small pond drowns me. I had to find bigger ponds to swim freely in, doesn’t mean I stopped loving that small pond.
It’s a lovely, healing, rejuvenating bath… but you can’t stay in it too long. Small ponds dehydrate you. They push you to seek 
So, my Top 5 places that have made me swoon. Here we go…!” – Sandhya
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