The Vibe of Samson Lee

Samson Lee is known for his elegant designs, as you can see from the previous editorial, ‘The Vibrancy of Samson Lee’.
His prints are a visual story of the flora and fun of Fiji, wearable art that represents the ‘troppo-glam’ of the Pacific… while also staying true to ‘kalavata’ traditions.

For those that don’t know, ‘kalavata’ (colour/pattern-same) is a way of dressing that has deeper meaning than just being a fun but also adorably kitsch thing to do! 
Kalavata connects the family unit, a uniform of your ‘tribe’, so you will often see couples and indeed families all dressed in the same colour, patterns and prints for family functions, parties and celebrations.
SL provides his clientele with lots of options of the same patterns in different styles -shirts, sulus, kaftans, dresses, skirts- if ‘kalavata’ is your thing, but for this editorial we decided to make it ‘KALAVIBE’!
Complementary patterns and colours, with a distinctive street edge to the styling.
Our stunning models Jorja Naidu (see her Q and A) and Duane Leewai are dripping cool here, as they show that kaftans don’t have to be elegant….they can be cutting edge…  dresses can be worn as skirts, mens shirts look great on Women and sulus don’t have to be worn traditionally… and indeed they are not traditional.
What they are is a very masculine fashion statement.
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